January 14, 2005

Among other actresses, Claire was considered playing Lois Lane in the fifth part of Superman. Director Bryan Singer finally chose Kate Bosworth to play the part.

Claire is in negotiations to take part as Sarah Jessica Parker's sister in an currently untitled movie formerly known as Hating Her. The romantic comedy features an amazing cast from Diane Keaton to Dermot Mulroney with Luke Wilson and Rachel McAdams in between. The story revolves around the annual holiday gathering of an eclectic bohemian family that's thrown into turmoil when their favorite son brings his uptight girlfriend home for the Christmas holiday, with plans of proposing. Overwhelmed by the hostile reception, she begs her sister to join her for emotional support, triggering further complications. Production starts on February 28 in Los Angeles and Connecticut.


This Sunday night, Claire will present an Golden Globe at the 2005 award ceremony.

Shopgirl is scheduled to come to cinemas in this year's fall.

Critically well-received Stage Beauty was released on DVD end of last year in the UK.



August 13, 2004

Claire was busy attending several social events in the last months. She met again Tom Irwin, her TV daddy from
My So-Called Life, at the Broadway opening night of After the Fall. Without any doubt, Claire's most important appearance was at the handing over ceremony of the 32nd American Film Institute Life Achievement Award to no one less than her idol Meryl Streep. The gala was held at the Kodak theatre in Hollywood, featuring tributes from Claire as well as a number of Streep's other friends and colleagues.


On a sunny day in July, Claire and Billy Crudup were walking out for a romantic picknick in Battery Park. The couple was also spotted while strolling in Soho. They seem to be more self-confident in the public now.

The BBC Worldwide Radiotimes' official website for Stage Beauty is online. Click below. The world premiere of the movie takes place in London on August 22. Wider Release in the UK is scheduled for September 3.

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The official website of Lions Gate Films is coming up soon. Take a preview glimpse here.

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