May 23, 2004

The premiere of
Stage Beauty was the closing night event at Tribeca Film Festival. The movies leading couple Claire and Billy Crudup attended the premiere, but decided to stay apart from each other. Meanwhile a former assistant of Claire confirmed her romantic connection to Crudup in an interview for In Touch. Variety reviewed Richard Eyre's movie adaptation of Compleat Female Stage Beauty quite positive.
Claire appeared with her friend Zac Posen at the opening of a new Broadway musical called Bombay Dreams. She attended also Cirque Du Soleil's return performance of their show Alegria in New York.
There are also casting news. It seems Flora Plum got delayed another time. Nevertheless Claire will shoot another movie this year. She joined the illustrious cast of Pushers Needed. Her character will leave her husband along with her child to travel with two older women played by Kathy Bates and Maggie Smith to France. The three won a trip to Lourdes, a well known place of pilgrimage.



April 12, 2004

Happy Birthday Claire! She turns 25 today.

Production for Flora Plum started a week ago according to LA Daily News. The main cast members Claire, Ewan McGregor and Meryl Streep are still attached to the 1930s circus drama directed by Jodie Foster.

Stage Beauty will come to cinemas in October. The movie is rated 'R' for sexual content and language.

While shooting
Stage Beauty the long- lasting friendship between Claire and costar Billy Crudup turned into love. Now they were sighted the first time holding hands while walking out in Soho.

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