December 1, 2002

Short Summary:

Terminator 3 website is up. Only few items, such as screensavers, skins and icons are missing. The trailer start is dated for December 18.

Also the official
It's All About Love site is online. Full release should be today. Until then there's a visual remarkable teaser trailer up. If you are interested in some inside stuff about the movie, visit the production company's site. There are production notes, dialogue listings and movie stills.

Ewan McGregor and Meryl Streep have joined the cast of
Flora Plum. The movie will be directed by Jodie Foster. McGregor jumps in for Russell Crowe, who signed off the project after he was injured while pre-production. Claire will play the title role Flora Plum, a young and talented, but poor circus artist in the 1940's.

Jimmy Fallon will play the young lover of Mirabelle Butterfield (Claire) in the adaption of Steve Martin's
Shopgirl. Martin took the part of the divorced and rich friend of her.



October 19, 2002

Short Summary:

Claire is in negotiations to play the role of
Mirabelle in the movie Shopgirl. The film bases on a novel written by Steve Martin. He will star as the rich and older lover.

She took part at
VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards and handed over an award to Kieran Culkin, costar in Igby Goes Down.

On October 3 Claire showed up at the Paris fashion week. She sat in first row with other celebrities like Christina Ricci.

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