July 6, 2003
Claire was guest in the CBS Early Show on July 3. See [BACKGROUND] for details.
According to Warner Bros., the Terminator 3 preview opening on Tuesday was one of the biggest of all time. The movie made US$ 4 Million in this single night. Now in general release it earned another US$ 37 Million within Friday, July 4. The majority of reviews about the movie as well Claire's performance is quite positive. Check out Rotten Tomatoes for a summary.

June 29, 2003
Only few days left until the machines will rise in Terminator 3 on July 2.
June 28, 2003
Two days ago the principal photography for Compleat Female Stage Beauty began in London. Claire is starring as Maria. Billy Crudup is the male lead. Shooting will end August 22. Artisan Entertainment will release the movie in the US.



June 20, 2003

Claire told an Australian newspaper that it's time to think about marriage with her longtime boyfriend. She's dating musician Ben Lee for over six years now. Check out

The article about Claire's expedition to save koalas in the upcoming issue of Marie Claire is available for download as a

Claire was also on the cover of the weekly published Time Out London magazine. Among other topics she talks in the interview about her absence from the big screen while studying in Yale. The article is also available for download as a

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