August 17, 2003

The producers have announced that the screenplay for T4 is already in the works. Arnold Schwarzenegger has expressed his interest. It depends on the success of his political career, whether he will be another time the Terminator. Since Claire is contracted for a possible sequel, her character Kate Brewster will surely be back.

Claire stated in an interview with Chicago Sun-Times, she realized while her move from Hollywood to university, she could exist outside the entertainment industry. She would survive without this label 'actor' and felt valuable because she was just a human being. Claire gave away, she's totally disorganized and neither a good driver nor a computer whiz. The actress also admitted, she has suffered from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) in the past. She tends to perfectionism. Her current passion, to solve crossword puzzles often borders on the obsessive.

She tries to work on changing this habit. In the meantime she became fascinated with geography. "By December, I want to know every country in Africa and where it's placed," she says.



July 25, 2003

Due to her schedule Claire wasn't able to attend the Los Angeles premiere for
Terminator 3. She is currently shooting Compleat Female Stage Beauty in London. On Monday T3 had its gala premiere in the UK and Claire finally got the chance to attend. She appeared in a kimono like dress along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kristanna Loken and director Jonathan Mostow.

July 15, 2003

Claire presents her personal fashion style at
The Look section of Yoox. The designer wardrobe online shop Yoox features two creations selected by herself. She would wear the red summer dress at a movie premiere and the combination of mid-length jacket with jeans to a rock concert of her boyfriend. If you want to share Claire's own style you should visit Yoox.

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