Late Show with David Letterman

New York, January 14, 2003

CLAIRE DANES: Dressed in all black. Claire hasn’t been here since the last millennium back in 1999. She had been attending Yale University but has slacked off recently. She only has one more year to go but she’s finding it hard to motivate herself. It’s on the back burner for now. For now, she’s taking a "Life Drawing" class here in the city. "Life Drawing" is where students make believe they are interested in art so they can look at naked people without having to tip anyone. Claire’s first subject was a very nice middle-aged man.

Dave asks matter-of-factly, "Is it hard to keep from looking at his thing?" Claire blurts out, "Yes!" Come on, admit it, the question had to be asked.
Claire Danes is currently appearing in The Hours. The film received 7 Golden Globe nominations and is considered to be an Oscar contender in several categories. Also appearing in the film is Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, and Meryl Streep. It’s in theaters now.

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