October 16, 2005

Added a gallery with still images from
Shopgirl in [SPECIAL]. Some of the pictures were exclusively provided by Buena Vista.

January 14, 2005

Added an interview with Claire about
Stage Beauty in [VIDEO].

August 14, 2004

Updated recent public appearances and information in
[WANTED]. Added a revised biography in [PROFILE]. Renewed filmography in [AKA]. Changed a few [LINKS].

August 13, 2004

Added the British and the American trailer for Stage Beauty in

September 28, 2003

Added an interview about
The Hours in [VIDEO]. Claire speaks about the complex script and meeting her idol Meryl Streep.

August 17, 2003

Added MTV Making the Movie for
Terminator 3 in [VIDEO].

July 13, 2003

Finally I had the time to create a
My So-Called Life flash game. It is available at [MSCLGAME].