October 16, 2005

After receiving high praises at this years Toronto Film Festival,
Shopgirl will finally make its way into cinemas this month. Starting with limited release in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto on October 21, wider release is scheduled for October 28 and November 4. For detailed information, please check out the movies official website.


Claire plays the title bearing Shopgirl, a Saks Fifth Avenue glove saleswoman enticed into an affair with Steve Martin's character, an insanely rich man more than twice her age, who's able to give her everything but love. According to several reviewers, Claire is stealing the picture from her male costar, who nevertheless wrote the originating novel. Martin doesn't blame her. In the contrary, he promised to commit suicide, if Claire won't get an Academy Award nomination.

The fall movie season is all Claires. The Family Stone is slated for release on November 11. Trailer is available at the official website. Do what the tagline says: Feel the love.

The Family Stone

Joining The Flock, seems to be an unusual but strategic role choice by Claire. She will star on the side of Richard Gere in the thriller, directed by Andrew Lau. The movie centers on a vigilante federal agent, played by Gere, who is training Claire's character. Her role is thought to be his replacement. But first they have to work together, tracking down a missing girl who could be connected to a paroled sex offender who is once again under investigation.

Claire went back to her dancing roots in the last few weeks. At the same stage, PS 122, where she first performed at the age of six, she danced the hour long solo Christina Olson: American Model. Olson is known as the woman in the pink dress depicted in Christina's World painted by Andrew Wyeth. Albeit suffering from a never-diagnosed muscular deterioration that left her arms weak and her lower body paralyzed, Christina rejected wheelchairs and found ways to move through the world relying only on her own strength. Choreographer Tamar Rogoff used her unique body-centric methodology to explore the ideas, spirit and physicality of a woman both rejected and revered.

Christina Olsen: American Model

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